The unique uridan technology

The cost–efficiency of the uridan urinal becomes apparent with its simple installation. uridan urinals do not require water, complex plumbing, electrical flush mechanisms, sensors, or any associated fittings. Just pour the uriLOCK blocking fluid over the cover and the urinal is immediately ready for operation.

Ongoing research and development has led to today’s superior uridan technology and design. The heart of the uridan urinal is the unique waste trap that works with uriLOCK, uridan’s biodegradable odour blocking fluid.

uriLOCK is lighter than urine, remaining on the surface of the waste trap to create a liquid seal. While urine flows directly into the sewer system below, uriLOCK’s liquid seal prevents sewer odours from entering into the room above.

Your benefits

° 100% odourless thanks to the specially developed blocking fluid
° No water and electricity connection required
° Reduced installation and ongoing operating costs
° Simple maintenance due to patented technology
° Quick daily clean due to the smooth surface of the urinal

The Future is now:

The innovative, new HighTech Cover indicates when the uriLOCK refill is required.

Say goodbye to the unnecessary opening of the cover, to check if there is still enough blocking fluid inside the urinal. The HighTech cover indicates when the uriLOCK refill is required.

How does it work? The fluid level is determined by the HighTech cover’s new, intelligent, built-in technology. To monitor the fluid level, simply swipe the cover with a magnetic pen and an LED-light will indicate if there is enough uriLOCK blocking fluid in the urinal. Green indicates that the uriLOCK level is fine. Red indicates that a uriLOCK refill is required. The cover is battery operated. Battery life is up to 8 years.

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