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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t it smell without flushing?

No! uridan® urinals do not smell!

The centrepiece of the uridan® urinals is the patented uridan® odour trap: This odour trap works with the aid of uriLOCK®, a special blocking fluid, that is biodegradable. Due to the fact that it is lighter than urine, the heavier urine automatically flows directly down the drain. The lighter uriLOCK® stays on the surface and works like a liquid lid that blocks out all drain and sewage odours.

The cleaning process is quite simple and done in 2 steps, because of the smooth and plane surface no edges or rims where deposits could adhere. There are no visible fixing parts. For daily cleaning we highly recommend our special developed fluid uriCLEAN. Spray uriCLEAN on the inner and outer surface of the urinal and polish it with the uriCLOTH micro fibre cloth.

Exactly the opposite is fact! Urine itself is a sterile liquid in the human body. Starting to react just in contact with water where bacteria are able to grow. Several independent tests from recognized laboratories have shown that the number of bacterial contamination of water flushed urinals is tremendous against waterless urinals.

First remove the remains from the vomit on the surface. Remove the cover of the urinal using the uridan® suction device and rinse the vomit with plenty of water into the sewer. In case of heavy soiling, we recommend using our specially developed uriSTRONG® deep cleaner (Please read the cleaning instructions for details). Fill the waste trap with plenty of water and insert the cover. Now pour 0,3 l uriLOCK® over the cover and your urinal is ready for use again.

Refilling the uriLOCK locking liquid is very easy and is done in a single step. Simply empty a 0.3 L bottle of uriLOCK over the lid and your urinal is immediately ready for use again. This is quick, odorless and, above all, contactless. If the urinal is heavily soiled, we recommend deep cleaning of the siphon with our specially developed uriSTRONG deep cleaner before refilling the sealing liquid (for details, please refer to our cleaning instructions).

The refilling of the uriLOCK blocking fluid should be made after 3 months or approx. 15.000 usages. A change is necessary due to muddy residues on bottom of the water trap. This is visible when urine runs slower. Open the cover and see if there is still enough uriLOCK in the urinal. If there is not enough blocking fluid, pour 0,3l uriLOCK over the cover.

When using the high-tech lid, the LED light signals that the liquid has been emptied (activation with the supplied magnetic stick). Green – Level is OK. Red – level is at the minimum, please refill barrier fluid (for details, please refer to the instructions for use under Downloads).

Always use uriLOCK, only then is the function guaranteed.

Generally Nothing can happen – there are small holes at the rim of the cover just that size that nothing unexpected will happen. Water runs slowly through the blocking fluid uriLOCK and out into the sewage. Still we do not recommend to pour any water inside the urinal, so a 100% odorless operation is guaranteed. Please note: Cleaning staff should not pour the dirty water of the floor cleaning inside the urinal.
No, it is very easy! The replacement work takes normally less than one hour per urinal. In case of water flushed urinals it is essential to remove urinary deposits and carbonate crusts from the drain before mounting the uridan®-urinals. Cleansing with water is not enough. After installation of uridan®-urinals urinary deposits and carbonate crusts will not occur anymore because of absence of calcareous water.
uridan®-urinals are fixed onto the wall with a special cross mounting system which cannot be handled from outside. That’s why vandalism is almost avoided. Beside ceramic models we are offering also glass fibre reinforced materials (GFP) which are almost unbreakable. This material impresses with long lifetime and provides high security against vandalism.
Simply by saving precious drinking water the amortisation rate (ROI) takes no longer than 12 to 24 month. Now think about usual service costs for different defects of flushing fittings, sensor defects, drain cleaning or other unexpected circumstances for water flushed urinals! The cost efficiency of uridan®-urinals starts with the simple installation. In a new development there is no longer a need for complex flushing mechanisms or electrical installations. This reduces installation, maintenance and service costs substantially.

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